Your Wellness Is Our Business
The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group is committed to fostering a healthy workplace where your team members can achieve their full potential.
Wellness ROI
Wellness return on investment (ROI) – is a concept that may drive CFO’s crazy. How do you define it? How do you measure it?
We do Wellness For Employees, Not To Employees
We change behavior and health by effectively engaging your employees around meaningful goals.

Welcome to The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group

We are the most innovative, inspiring, enthusiastic team of corporate wellness experts that implement strategies that enhance your competitive edge by transforming your corporate culture into a vibrant, fresh, balanced, and dynamic workplace.

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Healthy living supports a healthy mind. Being active, eating well, resting, attending to self-care and having a connection to those around you are all part of being mentally well.

The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group is committed to fostering a healthy workplace where your team members can achieve their full potential. Our aim is to create a workplace of choice that incorporates best practices in health and corporate wellness and offers diverse programs based on your organizational needs. The wellness strategy adopts a holistic approach to overall health and well-being. The CWCG team will consistently educate and inform team members about how they can proactively manage their health and well-being allowing for a less stressed workplace and more relaxed and productive employees.

Employers have become increasingly aware that overweight and obesity, lack of physical activity, stress, and smoking have a major impact not only on the health and productivity of their employees, but also on the financial “health” of their businesses.

What Set Us Apart

The partners at Vital Advantage Consulting make all the difference because we are hands on with you and our “Three Pronged Approach” will change your health, options and insurance premiums within the first year. We have the system everybody else wants.

Meet Our Team

We specialize in providing strategies and solutions that cultivate a healthy landscape in your office that offers your employees an opportunity to thrive in every aspect of their lives which will fortify your company with prosperity.

Vital Resources

Ergonomics in the workplace is crucial to mitigating health risks and increasing productivity. Prolonged sitting in front of a computer or any other positions cause physical stress on the body and nervous system.

  • “In each session, I learned helpful information to incorporate into my daily routine.”

    Forrest Employee
  • “The Vital Advantage team was very willing to answer individual questions, and they’re eager to assist us.”

    Forrest Employee
  • “I was pleasantly surprised how informative the session was. Vital Advantage really seemed to know their stuff.”

    Forrest Employee
  • "Normally you would pay thousands of dollars for the 24 sessions with each of these professionals. We get them for free as employees. Thanks for affording us this opportunity."

    Forrest Employee
  • "I attended the seminar yesterday and was very impressed with the team they’ve assembled for the next 12 weeks. If anyone wishes to improve their health, reduce stress or just improve their general health and attitude, I highly recommended these meetings."

    Forrest Employee
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