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The Corporate Wellness Consultants

The CWCG  Sterling Team Players help you find your competitive edge by reaching the Peak of Workplace Wellness. We specialize in providing strategies and solutions that cultivate a healthy landscape in your office while propelling your employees to the healthiest versions of themselves.

Results include weight loss, high performance, more sales, less absenteeism and prosperity.  What sets us apart is that we target your employee’s Total Well-being meaning that we take into account emotional, social, physical, spiritual, financial, and sexual health.
An investment with The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group will provide you with a partner in wellness, a custom designed program aligned with company strategy that delivers engagement and measurable results.  Your investment will provide an invaluable benefits including increased productivity, a defined healthy company culture and better team communication.
We know how to make wellness a hot topic and empower your employees to focus on  healthier living.

Randi Dukoff

Randi Dukoff, founder of Randi Dukoff, Your Final Stop to Health, Vital Advantage Consulting and The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group and Corporate Wellness Travel Group is first and foremost a foodie at heart who re-vitalized her life with new lifestyle, nutrition and exercise habits.  Randi’s experience taught her that lifestyle changes need to be simple, sustainable and fun.  Randi insists on creating a program which shows measurable results quickly so employees motivation to participate remains strong.  Her personal experience confirmed that implementing  “Wellness” habits early, could save and change each person’s life.

Randi began her practice in 2004 as a fitness trainer, and then went on to become a licensed C.H.E.K Holistic Nutrition and Life Coach, a Metabolic Typing Advisor, A Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Golf Performance Specialist and an Exercise Coach with the CHEK Institute.  Randi attended the College for Health Professionals,  graduated from Hofstra University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

With over 13 years in practice, Randi has mastered how to teach “wellness” on the level that clients need it, while individualizing programs to meet each person and company’s need. She came to realize that Wellness is something different to everyone; therefore, programs need to account for individuality to fill both the needs of the company and the employee, in a way that is easy, enjoyable and actionable without an authoritarian approach.

Randi’s expertise lay in getting you out of “pain” by educating you to make informed choices that make sense based on data and experience. She lives what she teaches consistently passes her contagious love of life and health forward.

She writes a blog which can be found at, has been interviewed by Crain’s Business, Benefits Outlook and Crain’s Business Insurance, she’s been a guest on various radio shows, appeared on The Dr. Oz show, and is a sought after Corporate Wellness Speaker to many large Corporations from New York to California. Randi has worked with companies such as Time Warner Cable, ING and Sesame Street.

Randi Dukoff teaches a training program for health professionals and coaches who want to be Corporate Wellness Specialists with their own corporate wellness businesses. Graduates have the opportunity to become Certified Corporate Wellness Experts and CEO’s of their own successful businesses.

Randi is a mom of three college age kids, who lives on the East Coast. She spends her free time traveling with the people she loves, cooking and doing anything outdoors. Randi loves friends, soul cycle and working out, red wine, tequila, reading, trying new things and relaxing at the beach.

Randi’s Education

Graduated from Hofstra University with a BBA in Finance
Graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Licensed though The C.H.E.K. Institute in California
Licensed through Healthexcel
Licensed through FDN
Licensed through NASM, ISSA and the CHEK Institute
TRX Trained


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