“You are so different than anything we’ve seen. This is nothing that we expected; we actually learned things in the presentation."

What We Do

The market is full of competent and capable companies, but no one is implementing Wellness in the workplace like The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group. Since our creation we knew Corporate Wellness had to look different.  It must be designed to meet the company’s needs and create lasting changes that make a difference in every employees life, for management and for the bottom line of the company. We stand for something different than the old norm, all of the partners of The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group Eat, Breathe and Live every aspect “Happy Health”.
You see, we are one of the only pure-play health optimization companies out there, which practices change through knowledge, on-site activities, virtual apps, challenges and experiential learning. We change behavior and health by effectively engaging your employees around meaningful goals.

We are not an insurance company or managed health plan claiming we can get results, we are the real deal. We do not pick up the pieces after they fall by solely managing illness, but instead we will help you PREVENT illness, disease, fatigue and lost time. We don’t put Band-Aids on the symptoms, we teach and prevent from the CORE.  Our programs result in higher performance for your team, improved customer service, fewer smokers, increased sales and less turnover.  Each of those benefits will directly impact your bottom line and your company culture.

We won’t compromise our values and programs because they are solid and proven to work.
The most common reaction we hear after giving a sales presentation is, “You are so different than what we expected. our employees are responding and getting results; we actually learned things in the presentation.”


What Makes Us Different

The team at The Corporate Wellness Consulting Group make all the difference because we are hands on. Our “Three Pronged Approach” will change your health, options and insurance premiums within the first year. We have the system everybody else wants.
We create massive engagement with our Creative Get On Board Events which combine a hybrid delivery utilizing live and virtual components, experiential “parties”, cutting edge diagnostic testing, telemedicine, health coaching and friendly competition challenges.
Our events are engaging, interactive and filled with activities and vendors who show how health can be delicious, nutritious, fun and simple to incorporate. We average 45% nationwide engagement. Most companies are thrilled to get 10%, and many companies count a web-site log-in or an introductory coaching call as engagement. We believe Engagement can only mean one thing, the experience and continuity of learning, creating and – participating by practicing healthy habits. We create relationships and trust even before we are hired.

  • Engagement

    Engagement means we create relationship-based partnerships and offer confidentiality because we are a separate partner. We facilitate Team Challenges; provide a variety of goal creation and tracking tools, along with a defined parameters to measure success. We use a customized portal to enhance challenges, team work, planning, competition, and HIPPA Compliant results delivery.

  • Off-the-charts physical activity

    Many of our clients are shocked and delighted when their employees actually get moving and include fitness into their lives. Yes, even the stressed, over worked and over scheduled employees and managers can squeeze what we are teaching into their lives. In fact we teach fitness, on-site, virtually and digitally.

  • Raving Participants Create a Ripple Effect and Families Get On Board

    We know that close to 70% of medical bills are created by spouses and dependents, which is why we’ve created programs that families can benefit from too. Just like the Biggest Loser members often get their families healthy during the process, we wont leave them behind either.

Where's The Savings?

We can show you where you’re saving money.  We define success parameters with strategy’s and deliver it in phases.  We are part of your wellness team, working with HR, C-Suite and wellness ambassador employees to ensure the program works for everyone.

  • “In each session, I learned helpful information to incorporate into my daily routine.”

    Forrest Employee
  • “The Vital Advantage team was very willing to answer individual questions, and they’re eager to assist us.”

    Forrest Employee
  • “I was pleasantly surprised how informative the session was. Vital Advantage really seemed to know their stuff.”

    Forrest Employee
  • "Normally you would pay thousands of dollars for the 24 sessions with each of these professionals. We get them for free as employees. Thanks for affording us this opportunity."

    Forrest Employee
  • "I attended the seminar yesterday and was very impressed with the team they’ve assembled for the next 12 weeks. If anyone wishes to improve their health, reduce stress or just improve their general health and attitude, I highly recommended these meetings."

    Forrest Employee
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